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Greek foods.jpg
Plate of Greek food - yahni at top center, with pork souvlaki immediately below, mousaka (bottom left) and rice pilaf (bottom right)
Type stock, broth, or soup
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Yahni, (Turkish[1]), yahniya (Bulgarian: яхния), or yakhni (Urdu: یخنی‎, Persian: یخنی[2]) is a class of foods found in many countries from the Balkans to South Asia.

In Pakistan, yakhni is simply stock or broth. It is often the base for many foods including pilaf (pulao) and other chorbas or soups.

In Arab, Greek (γιαχνί), Israeli, and Turkish cuisines, it is a stew of meat, fish, or vegetables in a browned-onion base with tomatoes and olive oil. In Bulgarian cuisine, sunflower oil is used instead of olive oil.


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