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Pakistan Times (1947–1996) was a Pakistani newspaper, originally established by the Leftist Progressive Papers Ltd based in Lahore. It was owned and operated by Mian Iftikharuddin, a Punjabi politician formerly of the Indian National Congress but of All-India Muslim League since 1946. The newspaper opened publication on 4 February 1947. Its editor-in-chief in the 1940s was the communist poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. After his arrest in 1951 in connection with the Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case, Mazhar Ali Khan served as the editor-in-chief.[1][2] The Pakistan Times continued to be an influential newspaper in the 1950s, with its disparaging criticism of the government in participating in the US-sponsored military alliances.[3]

During the military regime of Ayub Khan, rigorous pre-censorship was imposed on the press including the Pakistan Times. In April 1959, the regime took over the Progressive Papers Ltd. under the Pakistan Security Act.[4]

In 1964, the National Press Trust was set up by the Government as a front organisation for managing the newspapers including the Pakistan Times.[5][6] In the 1980s, ten journalists and management staff of the Pakistan Times were dismissed by the Zia ul-Haq regime for their connections to the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy and for signing an appeal for "Peace in Sindh".[7]

The National Press Trust was privatised in 1996. The same year, the Pakistan Times was closed down.[8]


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